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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Science Journal

Week 1.
 Slimming Mr Anderson at Monday morning meetup. . We used food colouring water and cornflower. We put it on Mr Anderson it oozed down his body. We were Learning how cornflour and water is  runny but hard when you push on it.

 Making balloons rockets with straws, wool, balloons. We started out just using short and straight wool‍‍ then we stacked the chairs and lifted them onto the table but left the other chair on the ground to change the angle. the downward force helped it go faster. Our learning what forces were acting on the rocket the forces that were acting on the rocket were the air pressure coming out of the balloon and the stationary air in front of the balloon.

  I was at zones cross Country but I wonder whether the fishing line Would work better than the wool but paper instead of straws wouldn't work as well as straws.

We did the trebuchet a trebuchet works when there's a weight at one end and a ball at the other end. Pulling the string, gravity pulls the weight down and the other end gos flying up the ball comes speeding past. I am multistructural on the rubric because i have lots of ideas

Science Journal 6.

For this rotation we made paper parachute they didn’t go well. I wonder if the cardboard heavier than paper. I am multistructkural on the rubric.

Science Journal 7.

This time we made paper helicopters. We started out by watching a tutorial on how to make the helicopters. They came down slowly I wonder if I made it bigger the helicopters wo spin down slower. I am multistructural on the rubric because i have lots of ideas.

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