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Monday, 11 September 2017

2017 speech

Have you ever had one of those times where technology let’s you down at a bad time, a really bad time.

You know when you go up to the sliding door at the supermarket and they don't open. So you do a dance, then someone walks up and the door opens for them. You just sit there scratching your head thinking about why the door opened for them but not you.

Now for a funny story, who here knows about electric spinning doors? One time I was walking down the road towards the  gigantic Vodafone building with my funny Dad and irritating Sister. I press a button next to the door and walk in, but it just stops. I'm stuck in there, my only hope is to wait for Dad, so I waited and waited,
and waited till. Finally he walks into my sight, slowly getting closer till eventually Dad walks up he leans over and presses the button. The door slowly maneuvers into action. I hop out of the way, “At least  that over”. There are many other examples out there but that would take hours to explain.

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